While some of the technology used in modern headphones dates back 100 years ago, there is continued improvement in headphones. Below are some of the latest trends that are likely to influence the future of headphones.

Bone Conduction

This is a technology that has been around for a few years but still needs to be perfected. This technology is based on physiology. As you are aware, the sound is a series of vibrations travelling through air and is interpreted by the brain and ear. Bone conduction differs in that the waves are sent to the upper part of the jaw from where the sound enters the inner ear.

Sleeping Headphones

Most people rely on soothing conversations of podcasts or soft music to fall asleep. If you have a clunky pair of headphones, then you are less likely to get the needed sleep. This is why major headphone manufacturers are working to create earbuds that are more sleep-friendly.

Noise Cancellation

There have been significant improvements in noise-cancelling headphones technology. Earlier on, noise-cancelling was not very useful, and headphone manufacturers have noticed it and are fixing the issue. With each passing day, the noise-cancelling technology is becoming better.

Translation Headphones

Headphones are becoming more practical with specific functions allowing you to blend to your current environment. There is news of a big tech company that is creating a pair of headphones that can translate over 40 languages for the user in real-time. While translation headphones are not a new concept, we are yet to see it applied in real-life situations.

VR and Soundscape

Considering the existence of Augmented and Virtual Reality, its no doubt that sound will have a better 3-D complexity. The surround sound system gives you a sound experience of almost 360-degrees. This allows better immersion in the content being played.