Headphones have been around for almost a century, and their benefits cannot go unnoticed. There has been increased development in headphone technology, and new models are being developed each day. Bone conduction technology has been a significant trend in the headphones industry over the years, and many people are adopting them.

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Here are some of the benefits of choosing bone conduction headphones:


Most headphones have a reputation for not being entirely comfortable. It can be not very pleasant when you have to deal with dangling wires during your workout sessions. Bone conduction headphones offer you the best workout experience. They fit well on your ears and are comfortable, allowing you to work out with less hassle.

Increased Awareness of Ambient Surroundings

While getting fully immersed in a book or the latest playlist as you run or take a walk is a great thing, but you likely get into an accident. Most headphones completely block you from this world, preventing you from hearing horns or hollers on the roadside. Bone conduction headphones offer a completely different experience. There are no speakers getting into your ears, blocking your senses. Rather, the transducers are directly positioned on your cheekbones in front of the ears allowing your ears to sense any motion or sound within your surroundings.

Good Listening Experience

When using conventional headphones, you can hardly hear what you are singing. With bone conduction headphones, you can listen to your favourite audios and sing to them. You can then know if you are singing well or are off-tune, which gives you a good listening experience.